Rock and Roll

Rock and roll originated from American gospel, blues, boogie woogie, jazz, and country music in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Since then, it has morphed into a hugely popular genre which has influenced attitudes, lifestyles, language, and fashion. It has similarly spawned various sub-genres. In as much as the origins of this music genre are hugely contested by historians and commentators alike, it has generally been agreed that it started in the Southern States.

Due to migration, it spread to far-flung urban centers such as New York City, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The immediate and immense popularity enjoyed by rock and roll is attributed to the fact that its arrival coincided with notable technological change that was characterized by the advancement of the electrical guitar, microphone, and amplifier. The development of independent music labels such as Sun, Chess, and Atlantic similarly catapulted rock and roll to mainstream success.

The Cultural Impacts of Rock and Roll

Just like other music genres, rock and roll has had a huge impact on human culture, language, attitudes, and fashion. It has also been documented that rock and roll was pivotal to the breakdown of racial barriers in the US during the 60’s. This is because early rock songs highlighted societal problems that affected Americans of all races. It also brought to light previously frowned upon subjects such as sex. Its ability to break down social barriers enabled people to freely express their emotions. Therefore, rock and roll played a crucial role in the development of the American youth culture.

Rock and Roll’s Place in Today’s Music Scene

The growth of the garage rock movement has been one of the main talking points as far as the current situation in the rock and roll industry is concerned. Despite the fact that there isn’t a single musician who can claim to have the kind of influence that legendary rockers such as Led Zeppelin had, rock and roll remains as strong as ever. In its tentative years, rock and roll revolved around an individual. The Internet has changed things because music can be accessed via different sources. However this doesn’t mean that the genre is on its deathbed. Commentators point out that rock and roll is only undergoing a renaissance, and that it will reemerge stronger.