What Is Grunge Music?


Grunge is a genre of music that consists of heavy, unclear, electric guitar sounds. Its origin is Seattle, Washington, and it emerged in the middle of 1980s. Grunge is considered a sub-genre of rock music, although it was inspired by the hardcore punk, indie rock, and metal music. Another interesting thing about this genre is the etiquette of the musicians. They were messier than other rock artists and had no place for theatrics. The term grunge was derived from the country’s slang adjective “grungy” that was coined in 1965— and it meant “filthy”. One vocalist for Green River and Mudhoney(Mark Arm) is credited for being the first person to use the word grunge in 1981 to depict this type of music. In a nutshell, grunge is noisy, wild and hectic.

The early grunge movement

The first ever independent record label in Seattle arose in the 1980s and it was called Sub Pop. The bands that were associated with grunge those days were Soundgarden, Green River, The Melvins, and Malfunkshun. Grunge did not become overly accepted until the first five years of the 90s decade. The Release of Ten, by Pearl James, and Nevermind, by Nirvana, made grudge commercially viable. As a result of this huge success, grudge became the most sought after type of hard rock. By the end of the 1990s, several bands had disintegrated and were no longer being heard. To this date, however, those bands are still relevant and their influence continues to shape the modern rock music.

About notable grunge singers

After attaining massive commercial success and relevance, things went bad for most artists. Someone like Kurt Cobain struggled with a heroin addiction and in early 1994, he suffered a drug overdose. Cobain was found dead in his Seattle residence on April 8th, 1994, and he apparently shot himself. That caused the Nirvana band to slow down. After canceling its summer music tour after having a scuffle with the Ticketmaster, Pearl Jam wasn’t able to perform in concerts across the US for three consecutive years. They are still around, though. Alice in Chains’ lead singer, Layne Staley, fell sick and later died (in 2002) from overdosing on a heroin-cocaine mix called Speedballs. The 1996 show marked the end of this band. Around the same time, Screaming Trees and Soundgarden produced their last albums. The following year, Soundgarden disbanded.

Grunge bands over the years

Some grunge bands are still around. They have continued to record and honor their music tours, albeit with little success. Pearl Jam is among these bands that have persevered. As well, Nirvana is around and are doing better now than when their late lead singer was alive.